MySonicWall is the portal from which you can manage orders, licensing, renewals, upgrades and other entitlement services. Through it, you can also register your devices, get access to SonicWall Support and get access to other tools and resources like the security and threat notifications in the Notification Center. Key sections of MySonicWall include:

NOTE: You can opt to view MySonicWall using the classic interface. Click on the link Classic mode at the top of the page. Click on the link Contemporary Mode to return to the updated interface.

Account Registration

SonicWall requires registration to comply with U.S. government regulations, but it also allows you to take full advantage of the services MySonicWall offers.

To create an account, click on Sign Up on the login banner (https://mysonicwall.com). Verify that your email address is correct, when registering. This is the address where the subscription code for activating your SonicWall user account is sent.

A wizard guides you through the registration process. Provide the remaining information when required. You can enable two-factor authentication, being a beta tester, and getting reminders when renewals are due. All of these settings can also be managed in MySonicWall at Settings > My Account.

Once your account is activated you can register any of your SonicWall appliances or services. You can also delete or transfer appliances from your user account.

If you forget your your password, click the Forgot password? link on the login banner. Valildate your Username or email address, and follow the directions to confirm your identity and reset your password.

If you have trouble creating a user account on the MySonicWall.com web site:

NOTE: Chrome is the recommended browser.

Getting Help

To get help with SonicWall products, you can take the following actions:

To submit a case:

  1. Click on the Submit a case icon (the phone) at the top of any page.
  2. Select SUBMIT A CASE.
  3. Select a product from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter the serial number for your device, if applicable.
  5. Click NEXT and information is provided about the status of the system you identified and suggested actions you can take.

NOTE: You can also create a case by navigating to Resources & Support > Support and clicking on the Create Case icon.

To see the cases you already have open:

Navigate to Resources & Support > Support or click on the Submit a case icon (the phone) at the top of any page and select the Manage Cases link. The table that appears on that page displays the case number, subject, create date, product, serial number and priority of the case.

Product Registration

Products can be registered from different pages: from the Dashboard or from My Products. On either page:

  1. Click on the Add Product icon.
  2. Enter the serial number or activation key for the product you wish to register.

    NOTE: You can also click on the links to register multiple products or submit multiple keys.

  3. Click Confirm.


When you first login to MySonicWall, the default view is the Dashboard. The Dashboard summarizes of all your products and presents them in a graphical view. You can quickly see where action needs to be taken to keep your products up to date.

Using the icons at the top of the table, you can quickly add new items to your inventory:

The Dashboard has a summary at the top of the page, and it lists the total product count and total user count. Three report panels appear below that: