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A security vulnerability is a flaw or weakness in the design, implementation, operation or management or a product or service that could be exploited to violate the system's security policy. To protect businesses and organizations worldwide, it is critical that the broader community of IT and security professionals report potential vulnerabilities as soon as they are recognized. This allows industry experts to take appropriate action to resolve any vulnerability that is discovered.
If you are aware of a potential security vulnerability with any SonicWall Security product or service, we encourage you to contact us immediately using the Security Vulnerability Submission Form below.
All reported vulnerabilities are investigated by the SonicWall Security PSIRT team. Acknowledgments to reported vulnerabilities should be expected within 24 hours. Throughout the investigation process, SonicWall Security makes every effort to work collaboratively with the incident reporter to investigate the vulnerability, gather required technical information, and to determine an appropriate action plan.
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I am reporting a potential vulnerability on the SonicWall Security Product

What is the vulnerability?
Has a CVE been assigned?
If yes, what is it?
Please provide a detailed description of the vulnerability. As much as possible, include the following information:*
What steps need to be taken to reproduce the vulnerability?
What specifically is vulnerable (what versions of the solution were tested)?
Is the vulnerability enabled by default and, if yes, on what version of the solution?
What are the potential ways that the vulnerability can be exploited?
Is there any 'proof of concept' code available to provide?
Are you planning to disclose the potential vulnerability publicly?
If yes, on what date are you planning to disclose the information? (MM/DD/YYYY)?

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