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Irregular SMB Traffic 1 (low risk Alert)

SonicWALL wants to make you aware of the " Irregular SMB Traffic 1" virus that is spreading across the Internet. A low risk Alert has been issued for this threat.


This signature indicates irregular byte pattern in SMB traffic.Info Category Description This SonicWALL IPS signature category consists of a group of signatures that provide administrators with information about network usage. The traffic detected by these signatures are not threats in and of themselves. They instead alert administrators to suspicious activity that may indicate that an attack is in progress. The signatures in this category detect bad logins or blank passwords when users try to telnet to a computer or log into an FTP server. While this usually indicates that a user has forgotten or carelessly mistyped their password, a large number of successive attempts may indicate that an attacker is engaging in a brute force attack to try to log into a server or workstation on the network. These low-priority signatures are by default set to detect.

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