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PSW.YXV (high risk alert)

SonicWALL wants to make you aware of the " PSW.YXV" virus that is spreading across the Internet. A high risk alert has been issued for this threat.


A Trojan (also called a Trojan horse after the mythological Trojan horse used to invade the city of Troy) is a program that pretends to have a valid use, but hidden within is a worm or virus. The lure of Trojans is when downloading a game or picture the program looks safe, but when it is run, the virus or worm gets to work destroying the operating system. They rely on trickery to get the user to install them on the computer. They can also get be dropped or downloaded due to other infections. Sometimes the Trojan only does things that are annoying, but it mostly causes damage to the system. Once installed, Trojans can also create backdoors that give malicious users remote access and control of the infected system, to download additional malicious programs, spy on the user, steal personal or confidential information, or use the machine for malicious or criminal purposes. A Trojan is different than a worm or virus because unlike worms or viruses, Trojans can’t replicate or make copies of it. For a Trojan to spread, you must invite these programs onto your computer by opening an email attachment, spam, or downloading a running file from the Internet.

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